Dupont Circle GUTS Route

The Dupont Circle GUTS routes connects the Main Campus with the Dupont Circle Metro Station on the Red Line. The bus runs Monday-Friday from 6:00am to 11:00pm.  The Dupont Circle stop is located at 20th Street and Massachusetts Avenue, NW.


  • GUTS will run on a modified holiday schedule on Friday, June 18, 2021.
  • Beginning Monday, November 16, 2020, the Rosslyn and Dupont routes midday service will be adjusted. Beginning at 10am, the buses will run hourly through 3pm, at which time regular service will resume. Please refer to the GUTS schedules for bus times outside of these hours.
  • Effective Monday, August 17, 2020 the last Rosslyn and Dupont GUTS routes will depart the Bus Turnaround at 10:40 pm to coincide with Metrorail’s 11:00 pm closing time.
  • GUTS announces its Safe and Healthy Rider program.
  • Beginning Monday, May 18, 2020, masks or facecoverings will be required to ride on GUTS shuttles.


Map of Dupont Circle shuttle route, with stops on Main Campus's Bus Turnaround and 20th Street and Massachusetts Avenue, NW
Click for full-sized map (pdf)

Time tables

Depart Bus Turn Around (see stop C)Depart Dupont
6:00 AM6:15 AM
6:10 AM6:25 AM
6:20 AM6:35 AM
6:30 AM6:45 AM
6:40 AM6:55 AM
6:50 AM7:05 AM
7:00AM7:20 AM
7:10 AM7:25 AM
7:20 AM7:35 AM
7:30 AM7:45 AM
7:40 AM7:55 AM
7:50 AM8:05 AM
8:00 AM8:15 AM
8:10 AM8:20 AM
8:20 AM8:35 AM
8:30 AM8:45 AM
8:40 AM9:00 AM
8:50 AM9:05 AM
9:00 AM9:15 AM
9:10 AM9:25 AM
9:20 AM9:30 AM
9:30 AM9:40 AM
9:40 AM10:00 AM
9:50 AM10:05 AM
10:00 AM10:15 AM
11:00 AM11:15 AM
12:00 PM12:15 PM
1:00 PM1:15 PM
2:00 PM2:15 PM
3:00 PM3:15 PM
3:10 PM3:25 PM
3:20 PM3:35 PM
3:30 PM3:45 PM
3:40 PM3:55 PM
3:50 PM4:05 PM
4:00 PM4:20 PM
4:10 PM4:25 PM
4:20 PM4:35 PM
4:30 PM4:45 PM
4:40 PM4:55 PM
4:50 PM5:05 PM
5:00 PM5:15 PM
5:10PM5:20 PM
5:20 PM5:35 PM
5:30 PM5:45 PM
5:40 PM5:55 PM
5:50 PM6:05 PM
6:00 PM6:15 PM
6:10 PM6:25 PM
6:20 PM6:40 PM
6:30 PM6:50 PM
6:40 PM7:00 PM
7:00 PM7:20 PM
7:20 PM7:40 PM
7:40 PM8:00 PM
8:00 PM8:20 PM
8:20 PM8:40 PM
8:40 PM9:00 PM
9:00 PM9:20 PM
9:20 PM9:40 PM
9:40 PM10:00 PM
10:00 PM10:20 PM
10:20 PM10:40 PM
10:40 PM11:00 PM