Traffic Rules and Regulations

The following is an abbreviated version of the Georgetown University Traffic Rules and Regulations. Further questions may be directed to the Office of Transportation Management.

Georgetown University’s parking regulations are enforced by OTM personnel and the Georgetown University Police Department (GUPD). These individuals have the authority to cite, tow and/or immobilize vehicles that are in violation of traffic or parking regulations on University property.

Parking permits and keycards issued to users of the parking system remain the property of Georgetown University. The University reserves the right to:

  • Refuse to issue a parking permit
  • Revoke or recall a permit
  • Change parking assignments if necessary
  • Restrict the use of any parking space, garage or surface lot at any time
  • Determine hours of control
  • Change any or all of its parking regulations at any time

Anyone parking a motor vehicle in a GU lot or garage must display the appropriate permit for that lot or parking area. Any vehicle parked without displaying a valid permit is subject to ticketing, towing and/or mobilization. Permit holders who do not find space available in their designated parking area should notify OTM. OTM will arrange to temporarily park the vehicle in an alternate location.

In addition, parking in the following areas is prohibited. Violators will be cited and/or towed.

  • Designated loading docks
  • Fire lanes
  • Crosswalks
  • Building entrances
  • Sidewalks

It is the driver’s responsibility to find a legal, marked parking space and to park the entire vehicle within the space boundary

If a vehicle experiences a mechanical failure, it is the driver’s responsibility to contact OTM and remove the vehicle as soon as possible. Vehicles left unattended in unauthorized parking areas may be towed off the campus by an independent towing service, and all fees for such towing will be the responsibility of the driver/registered owner. If the problem involves a flat tire or battery failure, the driver can take advantage of the university’s free Motorist Assistance Program.

Parking lots and garages may not be used for vehicle storage. If any vehicle is found to be unattended for a period greater than 36 hours, the vehicle may be towed off campus by an independent towing service, and all fees for such towing will be the responsibility of the driver/registered owner.

Note: The District government or any towing company at the direction of the university shall remove a motor vehicle parked, left, or stored, on private property in violation of § 50-2421.03(2) or (3), as follows: (1) A vehicle parked, left, or stored without the consent of the property owner shall be removed immediately after a notice of infraction is issued and conspicuously placed on the vehicle.

The applicable traffic laws of the District of Columbia (Code 40-812A) govern Georgetown University. These laws, and the laws of the state of vehicle registration, apply to all movement of a motor vehicle on the campus of Georgetown University. The following general traffic regulations apply for the Georgetown University campus:

  • The speed limit on university streets is 15 miles per hour
  • The speed limit inside or on university parking facilities is 10 miles per hour
  • Except for designated university vehicles, motor vehicles may only be driven on roadways, and must observe all applicable statues and ordinances of the District of Columbia and the rules and regulations specific to the University. Emergency vehicles may operate on any surface area required when responding to an emergency.
  • Moving or driving around University parking/traffic control devices is strictly prohibited and may constitute a violation of District law as well as these University regulations.

All appeals for citations that begin with GU02 or GU03 should be emailed to You will receive a response within three business days. No citation appeals will be accepted in person.

For all citations that begin with GU04 or GU05 please contact GUPD at 202-687-4343.

Citations issued by OTM or GUPD must be paid within 10 days of issue. Citations can be paid online or by mail or in person at the Office of Transportation Management, Mezzanine Level, Kennedy Hall, Box 1108, Georgetown University, Washington, DC 20057-1108. Payment may be made using cash, check, Visa or Mastercard.

Citations unpaid after 30 days from the date of issue will be forwarded to the University’s ticket control agent, Data Ticket Corporation, for processing. Citation information forwarded to Data Ticket is subject to additional late fees assessed by Data Ticket acting as the University’s agent in the collection of outstanding citations due the University. The right to appeal is waived after failure to pay or request an appeal within 10 days from the date of issuance and applies for outstanding citation information submitted to Data Ticket.

People wishing to appeal a citation should submit a written explanation which includes their name, mailing address, copy of the citation, along with payment to OTM. Once reviewed, a written response will be sent along with a refund, if appropriate.