Capitol Campus Loop

The Capitol Campus loop alternates on a continuous route, from 5:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Route B will begin at the end of Route A at the Law Center (2nd St. NW.)


55 H St. NW125 E St. NW2nd and F St. NW
(Law Center
401 Mass. Ave NW6th and K St. NW7th and Mass. Ave NW 7th and H St. NW7th and F St. NWJudiciary Square Metro125 E St. NW2nd and F St. NW (Law Center)
Stop AStop BStop JStop DStop EStop FStop G Stop HStop IStop JStop A
5:00 PM5:05 PM5:07 PM5:12 PM5:17 PM5:25 PM5:32 PM5:35 PM5:38 PM5:41 PM5:43 PM
6:32 PM6:37 PM6:45 PM6:50 PM6:57 PM7:03 PM7:09 PM7:12 PM7:15 PM7:19 PM7:21 PM
8:02 PM8:06 PM8:15 PM8:20 PM8:25 PM8:30 PM8:35 PM8:37 PM8:40 PM8:43 PM8:45 PM
9:23 PM9:28 PM9:35 PM9:40 PM9:45 PM9:50 PM9:55 PM9:58 PM10:01 PM10:04 PM10:06 PM
10:33 PM10:37 PM10:40 PM10:43 PM10:46 PM10:50 PM10:54 PM10:56 PM10:58 PM11:00 PM11:01 PM

2nd and F St. NW (Law Center)55 H St. NWUnion Station130 M St. NETrader Joe’s (Florida Ave)4th and K St. NE4th and H St. NE (Wholefoods)N. Capitol and H St. NW55 H St. NW
Stop AStop IStop CStop DStop EStop FStop GStop HStop I
5:43 PM5:50 PM6:00 PM6:10 PM6:17 PM6:23 PM6:25 PM6:28 PM6:30 PM
7:21 PM7:27 PM7:35 PM7:41 PM7:47 PM7:53 PM7:55 PM7:58 PM8:00 PM
8:45 PM8:50 PM8:57 PM9:03 PM9:10 PM9:15 PM9:18 PM9:20 PM9:22 PM
10:06 PM10:12 PM10:17 PM10:21 PM 10:25 PM10:27 PM10:30 PM10:32 PM