The university strongly encourages faculty and staff to form carpools, which benefit the environment, reduce congestion, and save money. By carpooling, drivers can use HOV lanes and reduce commuting time, will receive priority if spaces are available on campus, and receive significant discounts on parking rates. All members of the carpool must be Georgetown faculty or staff and current parkers to receive this benefit. Carpooling is also a great way to build community with other faculty and staff.

Carpool Parking Rates

  • Carpool: All carpool participants will be charged equally.
    • 2 Person Carpool: $64/parker/month or $32/parker/biweekly
    • 3 Person Carpool: $42/parker/month or $21/parker/biweekly
    • 4 Person Carpool: $32/parker/month or $16/parker/biweekly

Guaranteed Ride Home

Commuter Connections provides a Guaranteed Ride Home if a member of the carpool experiences an unexpected family emergency, unexpected illness, or unscheduled overtime. Read more about eligibility and registration for the Commuter Connections program.