FAQs for Parking for Fall 2020

How can I pick up parking tags if I do not have access to campus?

Parking permit hang tags will be mailed to the permanent address that OTM has on file. If your permanent address has changed, please email otm@georgetown.edu (new window) by August 10, 2020 with your new permanent address. 

Am I guaranteed parking when the university resumes normal operations if I cancel parking in the fall? What if I am fully remote? 

Any parkers who decide to pause their parking will continue to have a space on campus if and when they choose to reactivate their parking. Employees will not have parking rates deducted from their paychecks while their parking is paused. OTM will be in touch with campus parkers, including those who have paused their parking, as the university’s operating status continues to evolve.

How do I change from full-time parking to part-time (two or three days per week)? 

Contact the Office of Transportation Management at otm@georgetown.edu (new window) to request the change.

How much does parking cost for the fall 2020 semester? 

Essential employees for the fall 2020 semester will receive a 30% discount for full-time parking during the fall 2020 semester. This extends to on campus and satellite parkers. For part-time parkers, two-day-per-week parking costs $75.72 monthly/$37.86 biweekly and three-day-per-week parking costs $103.64 monthly/$51.82 biweekly. All rates can be found on the OTM website (new window).

If I am a Two-Day or Three-Day parker, am I eligible for a discount?

No. Discounts will be applied to full time parkers only.

As a Two-Day or Three-Day parker, do I have to specify which days I am going to park?

No. Two and three days parkers will be able to park on the days that they need and this will be tracked by OTM. If your parking needs to change to full time, please notify OTM at otm@georgetown.edu to make the adjustment.

Do I need to send an email to OTM after I complete the 2020-21 Georgetown University Parking Cancellation form (new window)?

No. The cancellation information will be pulled from the Google Form.

Where should I put my parking tag if I drive more than one car? 

As in previous years, you will be issued one parking permit in the form of a hang tag. If you have two cars registered with OTM, you may use the hang tag in either car. If you need to use another car on a temporary basis (such as a rental car), please notify OTM before using the hang tag. If the permit is found in a vehicle other than one you have registered, you will be ticketed, and you may lose your parking privileges.

When will parking tags be deactivated? How do I return transponders?

Parking permit hang tags will be deactivated once OTM is notified by an employee or HR that an employee is no longer interested in parking or no longer with the university. For those employees who have transponders, these must be returned before payroll deduction is stopped. Transponders may be returned to the OTM office or mailed to Office of Transportation Management 3700 O Street, Kennedy Hall Mezzanine Level Washington, DC 20057-1108.