Zipcar is a carsharing service that allows users to rent cars by the hour and is a great option for occasional trips from campus and back. Users must return cars to the same space where they began their trip. Zipcars can also be used for university departmental use. 

Zipcar is easy to use. Join the program, reserve a car online or with the Zipcar mobile app, then use your membership card to unlock the car. Insurance and gas are included. 


Sign up for a membership at the Zipcar Georgetown website or call (866) 494-7227. Georgetown University students, faculty, and staff are eligible to receive a substantial discount on ZipCar memberships. Specifically, the application fee of $25 is waived, and the annual fee is just $15 for students (a discount of $45) and $25 for faculty and staff (a discount of $35). Additionally, the cars parked on campus are available to students and staff at a discounted rate compared to off-campus locations. 


Seven ZipCars are available on campus for use by ZipCar members. Four ZipCars are located on Tondorf Road in front of Village C, and an additional three ZipCars are located at the north end of campus near Darnall Hall.  Additional Zipcars are located nearby campus at the following locations:

  • Wisconsin Avenue and O Street: three cars
  • 3237 N Street: one car
  • 3053 M Street (Colonial Parking Lot): one van and three cars