Law Center GUTS Route

The Law Center GUTS route connects the Main Campus with the Georgetown University Law Center campus and the U.S. House of Representatives. The route runs Monday-Friday from 7:55am to to 10:10 during the academic year, and until 6:03pm during the summer months.

The Law Center stop is at 1st Street and F Street, NW. The bus drops passengers off on Capitol Hill at Garfield Circle and picks up passengers at Peace Hill.


  • The Law Center shuttle summer schedule is in effect as of Monday, May 20. The last shuttle leaves from campus at 6:03 pm.
  • The last day for pick up at the Law Center bus stop on First Street in front of the Hotung Building will be on May 16th. The Law Center GUTS shuttle stop will relocate to its former location on Second Street behind McDonough Hall starting Friday, May 17th.  Refer to the updated maps linked below.


Time tables

Depart Bus Turnaround
(see Stop A)

Drop off
East Curb of
Garfield Circle
(Base of
Capitol Hill)
Law Center
Pick up
East Curb of
Peace Hill
(Base of
Capitol Hill)
7:55 AM 8:18 AM 8:30 AM
9:05 AM 9:26 AM 9:40 AM
10:15 AM 11:05 AM
11:40 AM 11:59 AM 12:15 PM
12:50 PM 1:25 PM
2:00 PM 2:35 PM
3:00 PM 3:35 PM
5:00 PM 5:35 PM 5:48 PM
6:03 PM 6:35 PM 6:46 PM
7:10 PM 8:00 PM
8:20 PM 9:05 PM

9:35 PM*

10:10 PM

* Please note that shuttle leaving Main Campus at 9:35 PM does not run on Fridays.